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Mar 25, 2024

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We’ve been too stuck in our ways.

A life-hack expert has revealed the correct way to use a Band-Aid — and it is leaving people baffled.

Jordan Howlett, from San Diego, took to TikTok to demonstrate how to bandage a finger wound correctly in a video that has scored more than 2 million views.

“We’ve been putting Band-Aids on incorrectly this entire time,” he exclaimed in the clip.

“If you have a cut on your finger, the Band-Aid was actually meant to be put on a certain type of way.”

The average person might slap a bandage on their paper cut by wrapping the adhesive strips around the circumference of their finger, but Howlett insists his method is more effective.

“Leave the paper on the Band-Aid and you wanna get scissors,” he explained. “You’re going to cut a line right down the middle from the top and the bottom parts.”

He sliced the sticky strips of the bandage down the middle, stopping before cutting into the non-stick protective cushion.

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When applying the freshly cut Band-Aid, he made a type of braided pattern with the adhesive sides, which cross over each other for secure placement.

“Therefore, you have your finger perfectly wrapped and the adhesive does not let it come off of your finger,” he added.

Shocked viewers threw up their hands in defeat as if Howlett’s latest life hack was their last straw.

“At this point, I am convinced I’ve been doing nothing right,” confessed one person.

“I fail at living,” lamented another.

“I don’t think I’m even breathing right at this point,” agreed someone else.

While there are bandages available shaped similarly to Howlett’s DIY creation, not everyone might have those on-hand, making the so-called hack useful in a pinch.

However, some viewers laughed off the advice, arguing that they wouldn’t have time to fiddle with scissors.

“If I’m bleeding, I’m not cutting a damn Band-Aid,” wrote one user.

The Post has reached out to Howlett and Johnson & Johnson, the makers of the Band-Aid brand, for comment.

Howlett regularly posts his life hacks on TikTok to his 10.7 million followers, absolutely baffling his audience each time.

Earlier this year, he revealed the secret ingredient in McDonald’s fries that make them taste finger-licking good: beef flavoring.

Then he shocked TikTok with a hack to open a can of soda — spoiler, he used another can.

Howlett previously told The Post that the fast-food secrets series, a k a his claim to fame, “would be a fun topic of discussion to bring to viewers.”

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